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We use our own unique search engine optimisation strategies to push your business to page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Then we keep working to keep it there.

Our affordable SEO packages are incredibly effective for ecommerce SEO, Shopify SEO and Local SEO.

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Explore our range of fully managed SEO services starting with FREE initial SEO Consulting and preliminary keyword research for all prospective SEO clients. Our prices start from just £300/month for the SEO of 10 keywords to 1 url and includes all of the following services. Need more keywords and urls? Ask about our custom pricing for larger websites targetting unlimted keywords and unlimted urls. We can make it work within your desired budget.

Powerful Link Building Strategies

Over the last 10 years, our SEO strategies have evolved to compete with any other website on the internet, including big authority sites such as Amazon and eBay. We can rank any website for any keyword.

Keyword Research

We source potential keywords to rank for using multiple sources of data allowing us to easily uncover thousands of keywords in any given niche.

On Page Optimization

On page SEO is more important than ever in 2022. We ensure your website makes use of these keywords in the url, page title and content body of the landing page. Not forgetting meta titles and meta descriptions too which are still incredibly important.

SEO Consulting

We offer one-on-one SEO consulting to clients before taking payment for our services to answer any questions you may have. Available via whatsapp, skype or Telegram.

SEO Data Analysis

We love data and use SEO Powersuite at the heart of all our SEO analysis. A powerful 4-in-1 SEO tool for performing keyword research, rank tracking, spying on competitors and on page SEO audits.

Off Page SEO Plan

Once the keywords have been confirmed and the first months payment completed, we’ll commence our SEO campaigns using our 3 main SEO link building tools RankerX, Money Robot Submitter and GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Website?

Using your own website is preferred, but our services will work just as well on any url, just as long as the domain is indexed by the search engine.

How Much Traffic Will This Generate To My Website?

You can expect a minimum of 1000 visitors per month with our Bronze package. These will be high converting keyword searches on Google whilst your 80 keywords are on page 1.

This also depends on the keywords chosen to rank for. Higher search volume keywords will generate a lot more traffic.

Deploying more servers allows us to run more SEO campaigns for more keywords simultaneously, resulting in much higher traffic numbers from more keywords being on page 1.

My Website Has Hundreds of Urls. Which Package Do You Recommend?

We would recommend the Platinum package with 5 vps servers to start with. The more urls a website has, the more content that will need to be published to make them all rank for multiple keywords.

Results take longer when using less servers for such large projects.

We do have clients using the Bronze package on websites with hundreds of thousands of pages. In such cases, we would rotate the SEO campaigns amongst different urls up to the server capacity of 150 projects.

Can You Rank Keywords That Have 1 Million Searches/Month?

Yes, we can rank those high search volume/high competition keywords. However it will require many more servers and SEO campaigns to achieve it within a shorter time frame. These keywords can take many months or even years to rank on page 1 of Google.

Our Platinum SEO Package is recommended for such high competition keywords. Using 10 keywords with 1 url and 5 GSA SER VPS deployed with 750 SEO Campaigns running 24/7.

How Long Before I See Any Results?

Knowing that it takes Google 4 weeks to discover the entire web and every single link we bulild will be newly created, it will take atleast 4 weeks for the full impact of our campaigns to take effect.

However, once we start Phase 2 and Phase 3 of our SEO campaigns (pointing links at your links) this significantly speeds up the rate at which the new links will be found by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

For more difficult keywords and certainly for recently launched websites, it can take from 3 months to 1 year to achieve page 1.

How Safe Is This For My Website?

It’s perfectly safe. We have our own in-house experiments running to test the impact of these SEO campaigns on keyword rankings. In fact any new SEO strategies we develop for clients sites are thoroughly tested on our own sites first.

What Types Of Links Do You Use?

We use a very diverse range of link sources which include high DA web 2.0, .edu, .gov, high DA web profiles, articles, blogs, forums, wikis, guestbooks, blog comments, image comments, social networks, social bookmarks, microblogs, Google domains and url shorteners.

We use backlink sources from thousands of different sites and hundreds of different CMS from all over the world.

This enables us to create incredibly powerful SEO campaigns which rank your target keywords in record time.

Our clients typically see results in 4-6 weeks for sites with strong on page SEO and an existing backlink profile.

What Content Do You Publish With The Backlinks?

We use high quality content that is keyword optimised and created from scratch using artifical intelligence.

Article Forge combined with Word AI is our preferred content generation tools as they provide keyword optimised AI powered content using deep learning. It’s as if a human writer created the content.

Is This Cheaper Than Using PPC Advertising?

Yes, this is a significantly cheaper way to gain access to traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

If you selected just 1 keyword that generated 1000 visits/month with Cost Per Click (CPC) of £1.00, then your PPC cost would be £1000/month. CPC varies significantly and some keywords can be as high as £100 per click!

With our bronze package we would deliver 80 times the traffic with 80 keywords ranked on page 1. Also at a fixed cost of just £300/month, regardless of how many visitors the new rankings generated.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Ranking results can last indefinitely as long as the SEO campaigns continue to run 24/7 and new content is published continuously around your target keywords.

Which Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We offer the following methods of payment:

  • UK Bank transfers via BACS
  • Payoneer for International payments
  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayPal and all major credit cards
  • Revolut
How Do I Place An Order?

You can contact us via Email, Skype, WhatsApp or even Telegram with details of your project and we’ll commence an On Page SEO Audit and preliminary Keyword Research to identify the highest search volume keywords related to your product/service.

Once the SEO plan has been agreed, we’ll take payment and launch new SEO campaigns within 24 hours with a new vps and software license for GSA SER.

How Do I Cancel?

You are free to cancel your services with us at any time. You pay for 1 month of service at a time. To cancel, simply contact us via WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram or even email.

Google Ranking Results For Our SEO Clients

We work with a diverse range of client projects and affiliate marketing projects, both nationally in the UK and internationally in the USA and Asia. We work in any niche (including UK CBD, USA CBD, Adult Sex Toys, UK Cosmetics) and target any number of keywords for our clients with no restrictions. See some of our ranking results below for our existing clients who are enjoying daily traffic from Google.

We Know What SEO Works, And What SEO Doesn’t.

By focusing on the most important On Page SEO factors and combining these with the most important Off Page SEO factors, we can push websites to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for any chosen keyword search.

Getting your website to the top of the search engines is only half the battle. Once we get you there, we keep working to make sure your website stays there.