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Why pay Google Adwords for each visitor click when you can pay a fixed price each month for the same quality traffic with our SEO services. Your business needs customers and our SEO services deliver just that.

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Our SEO Services

Learn more about the SEO services we offer at SICK SEO, designed to deliver results by combining careful planning and analysis to launch strategic SEO campaigns to boost organic search engine traffic to your website from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search Engine Optimisation

Boost organic search engine traffic from Google and Bing with our SEO services.

Content Optimisation

We make sure your content is optimised for our SEO campaigns.

On Page Optimisation

For optimum results, we ensure your on page SEO is right before proceeding further.

SEO Consulting

We offer an SEO consulting service if you need more information.

Data Analysis

We love data. The more we have, the more detailed an analysis we can do.

SEO Strategy

We’ll help you develop an optimal SEO strategy based on your budget and project needs.

SEO For Beginners

Search Engine Optimisation

A basic search engine optimisation tutorial for higher Google rankings.

We Know Which SEO Works, And Which SEO Doesn’t.

The search engines look at both your website content and the content that surrounds your website, also referred to as on page and off page SEO. When done correctly, the results can be quite phenomenal.

We focus on the ranking factors that matter the most. The more of these SEO boxes that get ticked, the higher your site will appear in the search engines, delivering more organic traffic to your website from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Answers to Your Questions

Do I Need To Have A Website?

Yes. If you don’t have one, we can build one for you. Your website will be used to advertise your brand, products and services online for customers to engage with.

What Is the Purpose Of SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) increases the visibility of your website online, so that customers can find you. Everyday customers search for your products and services but they don’t know where your website is.

How Will SEO Help My Business?

By running several SEO campaigns for different customer searches, your website will eventually appear at the top of page 1 of the search engines. This makes your website visible the next time they search for that product or service, or even your brand name.

Do I Need To Keep Paying Each Month For SEO?

Yes. But only if you wish to keep seeing the organic traffic growing every month to your website. The organic traffic grows when we run our SEO campaigns. We offer both monthly and annual pricing options. You can test out our SEO services for one month and guage the results for yourself.

How Long Do The Results Of The SEO Last?

Typically, after stopping the SEO campaigns from running, results can last a few weeks or even a few months. Your competitors are also doing SEO for their websites, so page 1 is always changing. Which is why it’s important to have continuous activity around your website and our SEO campaigns do exactly that.


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