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GSA Search Engine Ranker (SER) is the best automated link building software for running your SEO link building campaigns with full automation. Build links at lightning speeds and let the software run 24/7 scraping new link targets and posting new content with your backlinks on websites from all around the world.

Product Description

Fastest Link Building Software

GSA SER is a feature rich SEO link building software capable of building millions of links across multiple tiers with complete automation in a few days. For SEO's that are more knowledgeable about SEO and are looking to automate their link building strategies, then this is definitely the software for you.

There is an incredibly steep learning curve for anyone that is completely new to SEO and automated software, but there is plenty of support on the GSA forum as well as You Tube Videos and the GSA SER Manual.

If you are ready to learn how to use this automated SEO software, then you'll find this to be a powerful and very affordable way to grow the organic traffic to your web pages.

How Much Is GSA Search Engine Ranker?

With no silly monthly subscriptions or hefty price tags, GSA SER is affordably priced at $99, one time payment and you get free updates to new versions for life. We've invested into over 100 of these licenses over the last 10 years and will keep investing into more of them as the need arises.

Updates are frequent and the software developer is extremely responsive to new suggestions and feature requests. This is the very reason why you'll see a ton of options and tick boxes to choose from when setting up your campaigns. There are tool tips next to each option so the software is self explanatory if you take the time to study each option.

Is GSA SER Good For SEO Newbies?

For those individuals that are completely new to the software, the initial learning curve can be quite overwhelming especially when you're eager to get started with it. The interface has way more options than RankerX does which allows for complete customisation when creating new campaigns. These campaign options aren't all necessary to set up a campaign and most settings can be left as default or simply ignored.

However, unless you have some basic understanding of on page SEO, as well as off page SEO strategies such as tiered link building, no follow links, do follow links, obls and link wheels, you will struggle to see results from using the software. You simply won't know what you're doing. You won't understand which options to select or how certain settings will effect the ranking results.

Ofcourse, if you're willing to put the time in to learn on page and off page SEO strategies, then you'll find this software to be the ultimate link building tool for building powerful tiered links that will rank your landing pages on page 1 of Google and Bing search engines.

GSA SER Site Lists

Buying Site Lists Vs Building Your Own

If you're wondering about the number of sites that the software comes with, there is only a handful of sites that are hard coded into the software. The reason for this is that the software is programmed to work with hundreds of different CMS (content management systems) and as a user of the software you are expected to scrape these public sites and test them to see if they can produce verified live links. Repeating this process of scraping and testing will allow you to build up your own list of working sites over time.

It can take months to scrape, test and build your own site list which can put many users off from using this tool. Especially if you want to buy a link building software and start building links with it straight away. You can always cheat and purchase site lists for GSA SER from the marketplace on the GSA forum. But beware, there are lots of list sellers that sell lists with great looking stats on their website, but when you run the list through the software, most of them don't work anymore.

Learn How To Scrape With GSA SER

The best solution is to learn how to scrape Google for potential link targets using custom made footprints and big keyword lists in different languages. You can literally find thousands of working sites if you put in the work.

GSA SER has all the scraping functionality built in as well as built in footprints for every CMS that it supports. You just need to add private proxies and choose which search engines you want the software to scrape. Long term, this is the way to go as purchased site lists will have a short shelf life due to the many hundreds, if not thousands of users using the same site list for their backlink needs.

How Does Link Loss Effect Rankings?

It's only a matter of time until that site hits it's monthly resource limit due to it's cheap hosting or the site owner simply abandons the site due to the excessive spamming of new posts that is taking place on their site. As you build live links in tiers, you'll see your rankings go up. But if these tiers of links become dead then your rankings will go in the opposite direction.

Building Multiple Tiers With GSA SER

Reverification Of Links

One of the key features of the software is it's ability to build multiple tiers of links. With built-in reverification of links, the software can check and remove any dead links automatically while it's running campaigns. This leads to better results in rankings as this helps avoid building links to dead links. Your link building efforts are focused and not wasted as only live links provide SEO value.

How Many Tiers Should I Build?

A minimum of 3 tiers is recommended ensuring that only do follow links are powered up further. This is made easy with the "tier filter options" and a simple click of the "do follow" option will ensure that only do follow links are further powered up. You can ofcourse go beyond 3 tiers and campaigns can be easily duplicated and additonal tiers added. We've tested as high as 20 tiers but in most cases, a tiered linking structure this big is rarely necessary.

What Are The Limits Of GSA Search Engine Ranker?

Thread Limit

There is a 3000 thread limit on the software which refers to the number of simultaneous connections/operations the software can perform. Such tasks include, registering new accounts on sites, verifying emails, publishing content, scraping new sites etc etc Although it is recommended to let it run at 100 threads, this also depends on the specs of your VPS, dedicated server or home PC. More powerful machines will be able to support higher threads.

Memory Limit

As the software is a 32 bit software the memory is limited to 4GB ram. Keep this in mind when deciding where to deploy your 1st install of the software. Personally we run all of our GSA SER installs on Hetzner Cloud using their CPX21 server with 3 AMD cores and 4GB ram.

The Hetzner Cloud VPS also comes with a free windows ISO which you can install yourself at no additional cost. It's perfectly suited to run the software at 300+ threads (200-500 VPM) and only costs 9 Euros per month. We've run it on Hetzner dedicated servers as well at 1000+ threads and the VPM (verified links per minute) is just insane at 1000-2500 VPM.

CPU Limit

The cpu limit of the software is dictated by how many threads you choose to run and which types of sites are currently being processed. More intensive platforms are blog comments and guestbooks which tend to have longer page load times due to the high number of comments on the page. Redirects and indexer sites run the fastest as no account registration, email verification or article posting is required.

These will be the most cpu intensive tasks and make sure to plan ahead when deciding which VPS to deploy GSA SER onto. Higher threads will require more CPU power.

Best Emails For GSA SER

Use The Built-In Email Service Providers

The software comes with built in emails that you can create using public email service providers with the click of a button. Whilst this is the cheapest option, you may find that many sites have protection against link builders and these public email service providers may already be blocked by certain sites.

Use Your Own Privately Hosted Catchall Emails

Using catchall emails with your own privately hosted domain will be the most effective and cheapest way to go. With a single hosted domain you can create an unlimited number of catchall emails using unlimited subdomains - one subdomain for each catchall email. The software has built-in spintax which auto generates a new email with each submission using a list of names and numbers.

Public Email Service Providers

Alternatively you can use popular email services such as Outlook, Yahoo and GMail but you will need to create these yourself, or buy them ready made from email sellers. This is a more expensive approach but can help avoid blocks and bans from protected sites.

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