Ranker X Best Automated Backlink Building SoftwareRankerX Custom Tiered TemplatesRankerX 3 tier link building templateRankerX supports posting to PBNs on self hosted wordpress sites
  • Ranker X Best Automated Backlink Building Software
  • RankerX Custom Tiered Templates
  • RankerX 3 tier link building template
  • RankerX supports posting to PBNs on self hosted wordpress sites

Ranker X SEO Backlink Software


Ranker X is the best SEO software for building high authority backlinks from websites with high domain authority (DA). By boosting your own websites DA with these backlinks, your webpages will start to rank in Google and Bing search engines as they will be deemed to be more trustworthy by the search engines.

Product Description

Ranker X Automated Link Building Software

Ranker X Site List

  • Build backlinks on auto pilot from the powerful built-in site list of just under 1000 unique domains. These are regularly updated to ensure high success rates.
  • Built-in site list contains a mixture of no follow and do follow backlink sources (approximately 50:50 mix)
  • Domain Authority of included sites range from DA20 to DA100
  • Make your site list bigger - Add your own scraped sites to the software using the custom sites feature which has built in support for many of the popular CMS (content management systems) including articles, forums and web profiles
  • Supports many of the popular captcha solving services such as 2captcha and XEvil by Botmasterlabs - just add your login/api details for each service and have your captchas solved automatically
  • Built-in support for many of the popular link crawling and indexing services - just add your api key for each service and have your created links sent for crawling and indexing automatically

Add Your Own Content Sources

Configure your content sources by adding your login details from services such as Open AIArticle Forge and Word AI - generate high quality keyword optimised content from within the software as you build your SEO marketing campaigns.

RankerX connects to your favourite content sources via API


Built-In Diagram Designer

The diagram designer allows you to build custom link building patterns with no limit on how many tiers - we've built custom templates ranging from 2 tier to 7 tier campaigns that run on full automation for our SEO clients.

Custom SEO marketing template made with RankerX diagram designer

Run The Software Via Web Browser With Zenoposter

Access and control the software via a web browser on any device such as desktop or even mobile - this feature allows you to use Zennoposter to automate the building of campaigns within RankerX. Use a bot to control a bot. You do of course need to program zennoposter by recording each action you perform whilst creating a new campaign inside RankerX. Once it's programmed, setting up new campaigns takes literally seconds to create as zennoposter will be doing all of the work with automation.

Building Campaigns In RankerX Using Zennoposter

Use RankerX To Boost DA On Brand New Domains

For new websites, this software will be the most affordable way to quickly boost the domain authority and trust so that your landing pages can start to rank in Google and Bing search engines. Brand new domains are assigned an authority rating of DA0 and will struggle to rank for any organic keywords until this authority rating increases significantly.

You can build your site, publish your content on landing pages and product/service pages, build your blog with keyword optimised content. You still won't rank for any organic keywords. Despite how good your on page SEO is, without the off page SEO (building tiered links), your site will not grow with organic traffic.

Waiting for other sites to link to you naturally or share your content on social media can take a lifetime to grow naturally. To make results happen quicker, automating the link building process with RankerX is the easiest and quickest way to boost organic traffic.

We use RankerX on all of our SEO client websites as well as our own personal websites to quickly move rankings up in Google and Bing. You can expect ranking results to take atleast 4-6 weeks to be visible as Google requires atleast 4 weeks to crawl the entire internet just once, discovering the changes on billions of websites around the world.

How Much Is RankerX?

Lifetime License

For the lifetime license you can expect to pay $999.99 one time. They do also run discounts frequently throughout the year and currently they have a $150 discount with coupon code: SMR23.

It is a lot of money to pay for just one link building software but this still works out a lot cheaper than buying these types of links from other sources such as Fiverr or Blackhatworld. With one license you can make thousands of mixed authority links and point them at any url you choose. For any seasoned SEO pro, this will be a worthy investment and we've invested into 14 of these so far for the SICK SEO Agency (with many more purchases planned).

We use these Ranker X installs to run multiple tiered backlink campaigns for our clients projects as well as our own affiliate marketing projects too. It makes a huge difference to the number of keywords that you'll start to rank for in Google Search Console. Simply because of the authority and link juice it creates across multiple tiers with full automation.

Monthly Subscription

If you're new to SEO or simply are not ready to invest such a large sum into a SEO software, they do offer monthly subscriptions at $49.99/month which is incredibly affordable for anyone to buy. You'll likely want to invest in multiple subscriptions so that you can run more campaigns simultaneously.

Just bare in mind that once you know you'll be doing SEO for the long term, the lifetime license will be the cheaper option and worth the investment. It's the difference between renting and owning the license. After 20 months of renting you would have paid the equivalent of 1 lifetime license, after which time it will be costing you more each month to keep it running.

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